Last week I was in holidays with some friends for a festival and at the end of it, the last day I was already thinking about how I will show them the videos and photos.

I had my iPad mini and in the remaining time between two or three ploufs, it was manageable to open iMovie and wrap this up quickly. Everything went fine until the need to add a soundtrack to the movie, I needed a mp3/mp4 file from one of the band of the fest. A quick youtube to mp3 search and I was almost finish except that it was not possible to save video from Safari or Google Chrome.

Today, searching on the AppStore for a video downloader app that could save to the Camera roll, I found out a lot of apps but none properly working.

Hence this post, let's do a small app that download a file from an URL and save it to the Photos app.

Writing a tutorial would be too long, so I'll try my first screencast at the same time, and do it in Swift that way I would end up with some Swift code.