This year I am happy to start a new job as freelance. After 3 years spent developing iOS apps in a mobile agency, S2M, I figured out it was a good time to start working by myself.

And as a first paid job, I am doing Quality Assurance, testing a system around a given API. This gives me the chance to go further on automated tests suite and the same time getting back to ruby. I hope learning from that first project and come up with skills to improve my testing of iOS apps.

But I am not done with iOS, I still have some WIP apps that I hope getting done in the next 3 months.

This new position allows me to be more flexible:

  • no restriction on location (ideally: 50% in Berlin, 50% elsewhere)
  • learning new skills: finding clients, managing time and finance...
  • more open source projects - ala Artsy
  • share regularly my work and learnings - at least a Blog post per month